★ Free AI-Generated OPEN Celebrity ★

Deanna Rivera
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I am Famous Because I am Famous

What is OPEN Celebrity?

If you need a celebrity photo for your project, you can use my photo for free.
It is a win-win situation.
When someone uses my photo, I am getting more and more famous!
You get a celebrity picture - I get fame!
I like to see my face everywhere - ads, magazines, social media posts, news, art projects, etc.

Why should I use your face?

I am famous! You can use my famous face to sell more your products!
I am open to any collaborations for free.

Are you real?

No. My face is AI-Generated.
I have a random name.

Is It Really Free?


★ My photo can be downloaded and used for free.
★ Commercial and non-commercial purposes.
★ No permission needed (though attribution is appreciated!)
Example: Photo by Open Celebrity

Tell me how you use my photos!
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This is absurd #013.