Stealing From Dreams

Choose any artwork from our images, and we will create it for you. Let's steal art from dreams!
Absurd Nr.017

A Guide For Aliens To Live On Earth

Just like every tourist visiting a new destination, we believe aliens deserve their own guidebook when they visit our planet.
After all, Earth can be a bit of a maze, and we want to make sure our extraterrestrial guests have all the insider tips and tricks they need to navigate with ease and enjoy their cosmic vacation to the fullest!
Absurd Nr.016

Puzzle Solvers Agency

Having trouble with a jigsaw puzzle, Lego set, game, or anything tricky? Just send it to us, and we'll solve it for you! We're the first company that specializes in helping with puzzles and games.
Absurd Nr.015

Absurd Toilet Water

Toilet water perfume made of water from the toilet bowl.
Absurd Nr.014

OPEN Celebrity

Free AI-Generated OPEN Celebrity.
Absurd Nr.013

Invisible Lingerie

What is a sexiest lingerie you can imagine?
Absurd Nr.012

White Label Art Agency

We Are Creating Art For Wannabe Artists.
Join us!
Absurd Nr.011

Trip to Mars

Welcome to the first real-time spaceflight simulator game!
You will need seven months (210 days) to complete it!
Absurd Nr.010

Slow Delivery Service

Do you love slow food, slow traveling, slow architecture, and slow living?
Now It's time for Slow Delivery!
Absurd Nr.009

Offset your CO2 emissions

Offset your CO2 emissions by BUYING ME A TESLA.
Absurd Nr.008

Helicopter Jobs

Earn money with pointless jobs!
Absurd Nr.007

Synchronic Video Battle

Meat Eater vs Vegetarian, Trump vs Kanye West, Robots vs Humans... Watch synchronic videos and vote!
Absurd Nr.006

Eyes Dating Site

According to the researchers, staring into someone's eyes can make you fall in love!
This is a dating site for eyes.
No faces, no bodies, no Bla Bla Bla profile texts.
Absurd Nr.005

Magnetic Buy Now Button

How to turn all your website visitors into buyers?
Absurd Nr.004

'90 Web Design Art Studio - Y2K

We are old-school web design art studio - Y2K!!!
We are creating ugly web pages inspired by the '90s.
Absurd Nr.003

Dark Mandala

Color by number coloring book with one color.
There is only one color, and it is a BLACK!
Absurd Nr.002

Buy Nothing Store

You need to buy nothing!
Absurd Nr.001